Listen to your favourite radio stations, from right in your pocket

Radio Talk allows you to listen to your favourite radio stations anytime, anywhere.  With live chat, show images and schedules. You'll never miss a show again.

Radio Talk - Discussions

Before, the only way to be heard on a radio show, was to phone in. Now, with Radio Talk. you can listen while you discuss the current show with the built in chat feature.  It allows you to share your views and also see what other people are saying in real time!

A few comments from our users.


wonderful app! I no longer have to get stuck in my parked car to finish listening to an interesting talk show. Now, i just open up radio talk and continue listening


I quite like the discussion channels :) fast and reliable. no need to refresh, it just flows with the shows conversations


Awesome product. Use to guess when my favourite show would usually come on. Thanks to the show listings, I no longer have too